Velvet Backing - Add on - Secret Message

Velvet Backing - Add on - Secret Message

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• Cover your written or laser engraved personal message on the back of your purchased wearable Artwork, making it a secret for the Receiver to discover later in the future.

Velvet material is also ideal for fidgeting and feel.

• Includes DIY adhesive back and side pieces, matching the cutout of a Necklace design (see video tutorial).

Water Resistant Material, long lasting.

• This item listing does not include any jewelry.

• Purchase this with any single Necklace, and/or specify the velvet cutout needed in the comments section at checkout, by indicating the design's name, the velvet backing is made to order and matches any one of our Necklaces available online.

• Purchase this item multiple times if you want velvet backings for multiple Necklaces.

• Peel and attach after varnishing, and after writing a message (also done after varnishing)

nGraveYard is a collaboration of Australian Artists, enabled through technology, to bring you meaningful works of art.

We are always looking to encourage creativity and acts of appreciation, with unique gifts, to those we're grateful to journey alongside in life.

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