A collaboration of Australian Artists, enabled through laser technology, to bring you wearable, paintable, and wood-based works of art.

We are always looking to enable creativity and acts of appreciation, with unique gifts, to those we're grateful to journey alongside in life.

We have over 45 Artists on board, with over 650 designs, and are growing more every day.

Our philosophy is to encourage creativity and connection in an all too divisive world.

Are you a Retailer?

nGraveYard is always looking for new partnerships to help display and sell our wearable artworks.

If you're keen to support Creatives, own a cafe or any retail front, are in a busy central location, and have an ideal wallspace to position our black display hangers (pictured), then don't hesitate to reach out and we can organise a meeting.

We are primarily situated in Brisbane and surrounding cities and towns.

Our mini galleries are perfect for attracting new customers from curious onlookers, as every display setup features a range of different Artists' designs, which are rotated as they are restocked, making every nGraveYard supporter's gallery a unique experience to visit.

Every black display hanger can present 40 different designs (80cm x 45cm), of either necklaces or earrings, with each pocket also able to hold backup stock (auto-fill, once front sells). Velcro is attached to their backs, which is also added to the wall (temporary adhesive) of your permanent display position, so you can easily attach and remove them, by their hanger, and safely store at EOD, depending on the needs of your workplace.

Each wearable artwork comes backed with a black display card, which shows the corresponding Artist's name that can be searched via the nearby displayed QR code for nGraveYard, or the keychain version included with every purchase.

Have Space for Workshops or a Gallery?

nGraveYard is a collaboration of Artists, each with their own creative pursuits and careers, many with original canvases waiting to be displayed, and individual merch they're keen to sell.

We also hold workshops on painting our wearable artworks, which can be either casual, themed, or guided by an Artist of nGraveYard.

If you have a well-lit commercial space, with substantial walls available for hanging canvases and frames, or seating and atmosphere for continuous or class-based painting to be hosted, don't hesitate to get in contact with us and begin supporting local creatives.

Situated in Brisbane and surrounding cities and towns.

Want to Bulk Custom Order?

nGraveYard is always happy to assist in creating unique matching necklaces (or rings, cufflinks, badges, etc), tailored to your event or organisation's particular needs.

Come up with your own design, suited to a theme, maybe for the crew of an upcoming festival, or for each member of your club or sports team, or to signify any other joining of connections.

You could organise an activity and paint them all together, making each one a special piece, coloured-in like a banner for its individual wearer.

Must be your own design, or one from our collection (if Artist approves).

Want to Join as an Artist?

nGraveYard is a fast growing network of Artists, supported by laser technology, to share eco-friendly art and jewelry alternatives.

We understand that creativity is far too undervalued in our society, now more than ever, and we resonate with the difficulties of such a noble career pursuit.

Creativity is rarely a 9-5 occupation, many Artists are introverted and divergent souls, prefering to hermit away, honing their craft.

nGraveYard is the practical front, to take care of the all grunt work, and support and free up Artists to be creative.

We pay all our Artists generous Royalties for every sale, since art is subjective, everything is priced the same, and left to the preference of buyers.

nGraveYard is not here to Gatekeep, if an Artist is happy with their work, we stand by it too. Every creative expression is valid, though we do not enable inciting discrimination or violence of any kind.

We also supply Artists with their own designs, so they have the option to paint and resell them, enabling a higher profit from a creative income stream.

If you're suffering from creative block, alleviate some pressure, as it's hard pulling ideas from the void. Perhaps take a break by repainting your own existing designs, and instead focus your creativity on technique, rather than designing from scratch. The ideas will come. They always do.

Coloring-in a wearable Artwork is a therapeutic and meditative practice.

Receive passive validation each and every time someone picks your designs, out of a huge range of individual styles.

If you're interested in hosting your own custom workshops, to a theme, with your own series of designs, we'd be more than happy to enable you.

Must be over 18 years old.