Painting Wearable Artworks - Workshops

We are thrilled to encourage creativity by hosting our workshops at festivals around Australia, including Elements, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Jungle Love, Bohemian Beatfreaks, Initiation, Swampy Conscience, and more.

We believe in more than just party party party, and are excited to offer easy-entry creative alternatives to the scene, to grant more from your festival experience than solely a souvenir, but a reminder of the importance of having a creative outlet.

A festival is a highly social environment, and can be a sensory overload at times. Anyone, including introverts and neurodivergents, run the risk of unjustly comparing experiences.

Language is the default form of expression in most western societies, but not everyone resonates with verbal communication as a main creative outlet, and never learn what their most comfortable with, unaware of alternatives as adults.

The option to sit and paint in your own space, to focus on something mentally external, while still expressing in a productive way, is a meditative and therapeutic choice, as valid, if not more, than mainstream festival norms.

After adolescence we often forget our passion for play, a very human practice of appreciating the present moment. It shouldn't be seen as a break or reprieve, to play should be the aim, to play should always be primary.

Visual Art is a more abstract mode of expression, without the absolutes or structural limitations of language, it channels what words cannot speak. It can be what empowers and gives voice to the otherwise unheard, with just a bit of paint and purpose.

nGraveYard's goal is to always encourage creativity and connection.

You pick a piece that calls to you, as a template for your expression, or a trigger that reminds you of someone. Choose what watercolours to paint with, perhaps colours that suit the receiver, then when finished you write a personal message on the back of your pendant, for your connection to hold close to their heart.

See past Paint Jobs here.

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Poetry Puzzle Pilgrimage

A Creative Writing and Arts Project we've started up, to share community wisdom and local talent.

How it works?

Before the event, everyone has the opportunity to submit their own writing or insights to share, usually through the Facebook event page.

On entry to the event, puzzle pieces are given out randomly, one per person, each with a unique piece of writing laser engraved onto the back.

Once recieved, they'll have the duration of the event to pilgrimage to the location of the Altar, where their puzzle piece is left in good faith, accumulating throughout, until it's assembled, to reveal a design and paint job by a local Artist/s.

Once the Wizard has arrived, everyone can then choose a piece of wisdom that best articulates their ailment, taking a part of him home with you, to remember the event by.

This puzzle was implemented at Initiation over NYE.