Add Your Own Creativity

We want to encourage creativity by enabling you to add your own creative flair, making your purchase that much more significant for you or the receiver. All while showing appreciation for the Artist's work, by indirectly collaborating through the template of their artwork.

Get Experimental!

Watercolors are better for the environment and ideal as a medium; the color seeps into the wood, and its translucent consistency doesn't block any of the fine detailing. Other mediums can be a lot of fun though, UV reactive or metallic paints, coloring in pencils, each attribute a different aesthetic to the wearable piece. Laser engraved jewelry is perfect for clean, easy-entry creativity, we suggest painting primarily on the white/grey surface area, and avoiding coloring in the indented areas, to start, as the burnt black contrasts colors well, while the variation of depth makes it easier to stay within the lines. Ultimately, though, it's your own choice, what style and technique appeals to you, and we look forward to seeing your unique expression.

See examples of Paint Jobs.


Video Tutorial Below:

Please send, share to, or tag our social media, with your personal Paint Jobs.

Products using designs of nGraveYard Artists are not permitted to be resold, before or after painting.

Please inquire if you would like to join as an Artist of nGraveYard.

Eco-Friendly Varnish

Every purchase within Australia, when ordering Unvarnished, includes Eco-Friendly Varnish (2.5mls per purchase) to be applied yourself, after coloring it in and before wearing, along with a free detail brush.

Unfortunately at this time, we're unable to post an Eco-Friendly Varnish in small quantities overseas, due to its unique properties. However you can order it in bulk directly from our Suppliers.

We only use and recommend Natural Varnish, which you can order online within Australia, Europe, or otherwise Overseas.

If ordering Unvarnished from Overseas, you must apply a safe varnish for wood-based jewelry and paint, after your paintjob has dried, and before wearing it.

We provide the Eco-Friendly Varnish for free (1 x 2.5ml bottle per purchase) at any of our local market stalls, events, galleries, or retail and café fronts, provided you show proof of purchase.

Follow our Social Media to keep in the loop with events, otherwise drop into any storefronts below, during their regular hours.

Please support any associated small businesses with your patronage.


Brisbane - CBD: e Squared Espresso - 87C Roma St, Brisbane City QLD 4000 - Stocks our Jewelry and Eco-Friendly Varnish for pickup.

Natural Varnish:

  • Apply it after you paint your wearable artwork, after added paint is dry.
  • Fast Drying varnish, apply slowly and in small quantities, and brush evenly.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Allergy and skin safe.
  • Free of nuts, dairy, and gluten. Free of VOCs, additives, petroleum based ingredients, harsh fumes, and toxic additives.
  • 100% Plant-Based. Made from food-grade ingredients, including grain alcohol, natural resins, oils, and other all-natural ingredients, making it a unique non-toxic spirit varnish.
  • Biodegradable (reapplication recommended over time).
  • Use alcohol-based cleaner on used brushes.
  • Avoid skin contact during application, until fully dry.
  • Do not consume. When applying do not eat, drink, or smoke.
  • Avoid flames, sparks, and eye contact.
  • It is not recommended to paint over already varnished jewelry, and requires another coat of Eco-Friendly Varnish afterwards.
  • Do not wear wood-based artwork when/if unvarnished. Clean if ever dirty. Dry after if ever wet.
  • 2.5mls of varnish (half a bottle) provides approx. 2 coats for a necklace, and 1 coat for a pair of earrings, covering the front, sides, and back.
  • All photos have been taken of Unvarnished stock, some yellowing may occur.


While wearing gloves, apply varnish, after your added paint-job to the wooden artwork has dried. Ensure artwork is securely placed on a flat surface, when applying and while drying.
Sparingly add droplets to the surface, from the 2.5-5ml bottle of eco-friendly varnish, by lightly tapping its bottom, when upside-down, directly above the artwork (frontside first), when only the first black cap is off.
Evenly spread 1-2 coats of varnish using the included detail brush (when clean). Once varnish has been first applied to the front of the design, wait until it's dry, then apply it to its sides, once sides are dry then apply to the back. Finish when all the jewelry's surface area is evenly coated with the varnish, and completely dry.

When ordering without a laser engraved message, if you intend to hand write one on the back of a necklace, it is recommended to do so after the varnish is applied and dried, by using a permanent, water-proof, fine-point marker.

Video Tutorial Below: