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Nicholas Farrell

Flower of... Life Poetry

Flower of... Life Poetry

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• Invest in Individual Writers

• Eco-Friendly (Alternative Wood-based Jewelry)

• Paintable (Add your own creativity - watercolor paint recommended)

• Free Detail Brush (When selecting Unvarnished)

• Laser Engraved Poetry (on back of Necklace)

Adjustable Waxed-Cotton String

• Original Poetry (Human-Generated)

• Free Natural Varnish (2.5mls, Australian Orders only, when selecting Unvarnished)


Collection: Flower of... Life Poetry

Writer: Nicholas Farrell


Every purchase generously supports the Writer of this Collection.


Receive a random piece of poetry, laser engraved onto the back of a Flower of Life pendant.

Enjoy a chance draw from a large collection of writing; an inscribed suggestion from a Writer's optimistic perspective on life, hopefully with wisdom you resonate with, to hold close to your heart.

In hopes of articulating what may ail you.


nGraveYard is a collaboration of Australian Artists and Writers, enabled through technology, to bring you wearable works of art, as well as poetry.

We are always looking to encourage creativity and acts of appreciation, with unique gifts, to those we're grateful to journey alongside in life.

All of our products can function as wearable coloring-in books, allowing for indirect collaborations with the Writers, and easy-entry creativity.



Approx. size: Necklaces (H: 2.9cm - W: 2.7cm).

Eco-Friendly varnish recommended to be applied after Painting it Yourself.

Do not wear unvarnished, as it is raw wood.


If you're a returning participant, message us your already received lines of poetry, and we'll ensure you receive a new one for your purchase.

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