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Birthday Cardala

Birthday Cardala

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• Invest in Individual Artists

• Alternative Wood-based Birthday Card

• Paintable (Add your own creativity, together, during a birthday party or prior to one)

• Hangable (No more free-standing paper Birthday Cards, or misplacing old memories)

• Write personal message/s for the Receiver (Backside only has already been pre-varnished, and is ready to go)

• Detail Brushes and permanent fine-point Marker (Included in purchase)

• Free Bottle/s of Natural Varnish (For the front and sides, after painting, Australian Orders only - due to posting)


Every purchase generously supports the Artist of the chosen Design.


Introducing a more permanent Birthday Card that doubles as a display piece. The Cardala is our way of helping to honor a special connection, giving people a chance to write their admiration on the back, as they pass it around, while also enabling a creative group activity by painting the design together - both to be played out during their Birthday Party. 

Detail brushes for the group have been included, as well as a permanent, waterproof, fine-point marker, along with your Cardala, everything is ready to go (paints not included, watercolor paint recommended). The back of the Cardala has eco-friendly varnish pre-applied to it, so you're able to write messages immediately with the included marker. It is still recommended to varnish the front and sides after painting it (varnish not included).


Feel free to refer to Painting it Yourself for guidance.


nGraveYard is a collaboration of Australian Artists, enabled through technology, to bring you meaningful works of art.

We are always looking to encourage creativity and acts of appreciation, with unique gifts, to those we're grateful to journey alongside in life.

All of our products can function as purposeful coloring-in books, allowing for indirect collaborations with the Artists, and easy-entry creativity.

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10/10 would reccomend

Quality art made with love, these personalised mandala portals bring a little magic into any space.